Vince's Pizza

A Fallbrook tradition since 1984!

Vince's earliest clue that he may be in the pizza business for the rest of his life came one snowy winter day in 1952. While playing in the garage of his home on his tricycle, the garage door opened to reveal a big, black Blodgett pizza oven in the driveway. His dad was setting up a pizza place in Akron, Ohio. Later, Vince would watch as the carpenters built the walls and counters of the future pizza place. His dad's formula for success was to love his customers, give them great food at a great value, and have quick service.

In 1955, Vince's dad sold the place to another family member and moved the family out to sunny California. About a year later, he found the perfect location - an old real estate office with a house in back in Inglewood, California. No bigger than 400 square feet, it was set up with a counter, a pizza oven, refrigerator, and two picnic tables outside. Eventually, he made enough money to make the restaurant bigger and buy the corner lot.

The man that owned the corner lot lived in Fallbrook. Vince and his family piled into their old station wagon and drove to Fallbrook to pay the owner off so they could begin building the new Andy's Pizza on the corner of Centinela and Beach St. in Inglewood. It was then that Vince's dad said when he retired, he would move to Fallbrook.

After school, Vince would come to the pizza place to do homework. At 6 years old, he had a job stocking the soda and cigarette machines. By the time Vince was in high school, his sisters and him were running the place.

In 1973, his dad sold the place and fulfilled his dream of moving to Fallbrook. Soon after, in 1975, Vince and his wife Cathy moved to Fallbrook too. They built homes, trained horses, and started a wholesale grocery business.

After working at the Fallbrook Pizza Company for a while, Vince decided to get back into the pizza business! He found a location at 1331 S. Mission Rd in Fallbrook. Within 100 days, and after a complete renovation to the building, Vince's Restaurant opened in 1984. The idea was to have a place with great food and low prices so families could afford to dine out in a nice place. Vince's Restaurant was a success, and stayed until being bought out by Rite Aid in 1998.

In 2004, Vince found our current location, and maintained his concept of great food with fast, friendly service in a to-go format. In August of 2013, when Vince retired, the Lueking Family, residents of Fallbrook since 1994 and owners of the Fallbrook Car Wash, purchased Vince's Pizza.

The same great Vince's you know and love, come by and say hi!